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"Having you involved in our renovations from start to finish was the recipe for success"
Dear Jeff,
We have used your services on several occasions. You have done the impossible each time, as you have been able to please both my husband and I each time.
Having you involved in our renovations from start to finish was the recipe for success. With your personal expertise and guidance steering us through the renovation maze. You managed to finish each job on time and on budget, always executed in a neat, polite and friendly manor. Each of your trades people deserve a word of appreciation and gratification for jobs well done.
We continue to enjoy our renovations and look forward to phase three of our ongoing venture with you in September 2003.
Joanne Gaffney

"His endeavor to provide a good quality product exceeds other comparable companies by a noticeable margin"

To whom this may concern;

Jeff Bain of JKB Construction and I first worked together on the Dream Home for the 1985 BC Place Home Show and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with him for the eighteen years since then.

My experience as a designer is in residential work and ranges from luxury custom homes to multi-residential projects. My reputation has allowed me to work with a number of noteworthy contractors and some of the largest multi-residential developers. I have a good understanding of industry standards and the accepted level of service and workmanship currently provided by the trades. I have worked with Jeff on a number of those projects and my assessment of his business standard is that his endeavor to provide a good quality product exceeds other comparable companies by a noticeable margin.

Jeff provides consistent, professional service in a field that is filled with unpredictability and demanding deadlines. He accomplishes this by being prepared and thoroughly thinking through the project before he begins. I look froward to his phone calls because I know his questions will be well thought and efficient. I leave the exchange with the comfort of knowing that he fully understands my explanations, that he has noted them and that I won’t have to answer the same questions again.

Jeff’s attention to detail and ”hands on” approach right up to the projects completion play a key role when we are preparing display homes, amenity areas and lobbies for multi-residential projects where deadlines are critical and unmoveable.

I will certainly recommend Jeff Bain as a worthy recipient of any contract for new construction or renovation and I know that his future clients will be as pleased and satisfied with his work as I continue to be.


Ivana Maschi, ID

"We would not hesitate to recommend JKB Construction to friends and family"
JKB Construction came highly recommended to us by friends. Having a reliable contractor tremendously reduced the inevitable stress and headache inherent in a home renovation and was an indispensable factor in our being able to carry on with the rest of our busy lives. Having JKB Construction involved meant that we could readily contact the contractor to ensure our wishes were met; that there were no additional costs that we were not previously informed of; and that highly skilled trades people with full liability insurance and WCB coverage worked for us in an efficient and timely manner. We would not hesitate to recommend JKB Construction to friends and family.

Andrew and Susan McLachlan

"Finding Jeff Bain of JKB Construction came as a Godsend"

To whom it may concern:

Before moving to North Vancouver and buying a house on the Seymour River I had no idea how much work and specialized knowledge it took to keep a residence in good shape in the rain forest. Since my father-in-law was an architect from England we often used British carpenters and plumbers he found personable. They were all fine fellows and a few became good friends but something always went wrong. One installed a bathtub drain that did not work. Another pulled out several thousand dollars of hot water heating because he failed to consult the architect’s plans with enough care.

As you can imagine, finding Jeff Bain of JKB Construction came as a Godsend. At first we had him do a few small jobs like double glazing an atrium that overlooks the river and replacing some old steel-framed windows with new double glazed window seats. And that went just fine. He coordinated the glaziers, the electricians, and painters so that all was done on time and under budget. His finished carpentry was superb.

So when we had to have the original outside stucco replaced on the north wall of the house he was our man. Once he had the stucco off and saw how much the foundation and inside wall had rotted away from trapped moisture he suggested major repairs. He went around the foundation and showed me the rot. Then he explained how it had to be replaced, repaired, insulated, and allowed to breathe so it would not happen again. His patience and up-to-date knowledge of the building code and the technical improvements in handling moisture were most impressive. So we had him remove all the stucco and redo the outside in vinyl almost twenty years ago. There have been no problems since.

More recently we got word from our son that he wanted to get married on our plateau that overlooks the river. To make that possible Jeff and his helper expanded our upstairs balcony, built sixty-seven steps down to the plateau so a hundred guest could get down there, supervised the leveling and turfing of the ground and got it all done with three days to spare.

Now every 20 years or so a woman needs a new kitchen. Well you can guess who got that job. Of course we needed help. Jeff brought in a designer he had worked with and they came up with an outstanding layout and beautifully colour-coordinated design. Throughout, his finishing carpentry, coordinating of the plumbers, electricians, hard-wood floor people, and painters all meshed like clockwork. Now we have a kitchen that is always admired by our guests and a pleasure to work in. Wherever someone tried to cut a corner or failed to lay flooring straight Jeff was there to insist that they do it right. He has the knack of supervising the work of others with just the right balance of expertise and tact to get the best out of them with no resentment and they work better for it.

Above all Jeff Bain is an honest and expert craftsman who stands by his work, seeks to please, and takes pride in everything he does. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Yours most sincerely,

Charles J. Brauner, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, U.B.C.

"The work was accomplished on time and on budget"
We are enjoying our newly-renovated space very much. Everything turned out exactly as we had hoped and we appreciate your efforts to make it just right. With your considerable professionalism and leadership, the work was acomplished on time and on budjet, with minimal impact on our lives as work progressed. Thank-you for doing what you do so well.

We would be pleased to serve as a reference client if you so choose.

Thanks again for a job very well done.

Sincerely Rob Goodell

"The quality of his workmanship has increased the value of my home substantially."
"I would like to thank Jeff Bains of JKB Construction for doing a fantastic job on my new home. The quality of his workmanship has increased the value of my home substantially. I found them to be professional in every way and everything was completed on time and without any problems. Jeff Bains is a phenomenal contractor and I would highly recommend him to anybody." - Joel Wasel